I am tree, let me grow - let me twist roots through concrete, bulge arrogant through its form, crack it to a thousand forgotten pieces, snake brown through empty streets, shed leaves down down down til the floor is flooded with my dying embers, surge upward past filthy window of abandoned tower, reflecting powerful, proud, reborn in strength - I am tree, let me grow.

lumen 1.jpg

Let me plunge over city, twine fibers with the others, come together in quiet rapture, bloom in the spring, sing full in summer winds, strip slow and sensual in autumn, bare naked through icy winter, veined black against the sky. Let me cast shadows through the day, seep through the night, under sober moon, the stars uncaring, swarm streetlights dead and cold, rub hot up against them with my callous skin.

lumen 2.jpg

Let me flow over the fallen, lick their bleached bones, gulp a wealth of dust, riddle through ribcage and scrape around pelvis. Pour through empty socket and wrap around brittle tooth, stumble down gaping mouth like arthritic clown. Let me finger where heart once beat, spread where lungs once gasped. Let me string them together, strangle them to deserving filth, mingle sweet with the Earth - I am tree, let me grow.

lumen 3.jpg

Images taken using 5x4 pinhole, printed using the Lumen technique directly from the negative.