AND you stand quivering like bow, ready for an answer like arrow, to shoot you straight in the doubting soul and affirm your life to a future  of gold-dipped days?

AND with a low rumble the answer (pick up the phone) echoes beyond your ears and into hollow caverns of the heart, an answer you always knew but could never believe: NOTHING.

AND then with that NOTHING comes just that: NOTHING – no GOD, no LIGHT, no ANSWERS, no TRUTH but those that you can salvage in your mind, cast out alone in a stretching dark that twists and plumes through it all, like ink dropped into (clear) waters, forking towards your throat, clawing at your eyes -

AND there’s little else to do but welcome it home.

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 18.50.25.png

Image created from 6-shot pinhole and Ilford Plastika Paper.